A-Z Of National Lottery Games, Results and Much More

Everyone just loves playing lotto games and the reason is quite simple you get a chance to gain easy money and can try your luck. Lottery games are just mere based on lucks; still, experts always have tips to share through their years of experience. Although there are thousands of lottery games both legal and illegal.  You definitely don't want to go illegal way because you have legal choices like national lotteries. Do you know what it is? The national lottery is state franchised in the United Kingdom and is absolutely a legal lotto game. Operated by Camelot group holding license since 1994. Initially, the game was regulated by the National lottery commission. The prizes paid through this establishment are tax-free. The best part 25% of the money goes to charity so playing a lotto game is not so bad.


More to Learn About National Lottery

In the United Kingdom national lottery is the biggest and since it was launched it became popular and till now it holds the popularity among the gamblers. Today over sixty-five percent of the United Kingdom population plays NL regularly. According to the estimations over seventeen pillion pounds are raised for different good causes all over the country. If you are a winner then you must claim your reward within 180 days and can draw the money after that. The amount is a lump sum. If you are not claiming your money then it automatically goes for a good cause. There are different games operated under NL like
  • Scratch cards
  • Lotto hot picks
  • Lotto extra
  • Euro million
  • Thunder ball

If you desire to play the game, then you will first need to fill a slip containing numerous boxes which are called boards. Then using a black/blue pen or pencil you need to put a bold mark on the desired 6 number boxes and hand over your ticket to the terminal. In case of any mistake, you can put your mark on the void box and the error numbers are ignored by the terminal. This is simple and easy.
If you are below 18 years then you are not allowed to play national lotteries and cannot purchase a ticket. You will need age proof like citizen card to get indulge in the national lottery games. The sad part if you are not a resident of the United Kingdom you are not allowed participating in the NL games.

How Does National Lottery Work?

This is something all the gamblers want to know. Well, the reality is winning a lottery depends all upon your luck. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is an NL draw along with the jackpot where winners can win millions of pounds. The draw consists of six numbers including an additional bonus ball which is drawn from 49 numbers pool.  If your ticket is having 3 or more numbers you become a winner. Prizes are distributed for 3, 4, 5, 5+, bonus ball and all the six numbers. There is no magic in it, but few tricks involved and a lucky dip that can help you win huge. If you think you are lucky then you must try playing national lotteries and test your luck. NL does not depend upon the age, sex and which part of the UK you belong. You either have a winning ticket in your hand or you just lose it week after week.

Which Are The Best National Lottery Games?

As mentioned above there are different games operated under national lotteries, but out of them which one is the best? The 2 best games are thunder ball & euro millions and the reasons for being their best are different. The best game for you is going to depend upon the type of gambler/player you are. There are2 types of lottery players. The first category is of the players who play just to win jackpots the real big ones, no matter what the odds are. If you fall into this category then the euro million is the best NL game for you. The reason is that this game is going to lead you to real big jackpots, many times millions of pounds. Definitely, when this colossal amount has involved the chances of winning are quite low like one in millions.
The second category players are the ones who desire to win huge but pays attention to the odds more.  For such players, Thunderball NL game is the best. The jackpot prize money is low and the chances of winning are easier. The chances are 1 in 3.9 million.
No matter which game you choose your luck is going to play a major role, so you just need to have fun playing these games. 

Should You Buy National Lottery Tickets Online?

UK residents can buy NL tickets from the lottery retail outlets, local shops which are located everywhere in their towns. You can do that or you can also buy your tickets online if you are not in a mood to get out. Buying your tickets online is always advantageous for you and for others like planet. You save yourself the huge amount of time and making less pollution going outside and pumping out gas from your vehicles. You might also need to wait in lines because you are not the only one who loves playing national lottery games. There are numerous people who are taking advantages of the internet to buy tickets and save them from the hassles. Now you might be thinking of is it safe to buy them online? Yes, it is completely safe to buy them online. You just have to ensure yourself that you are buying your tickets from a reputable company. Online you are going to find many merchants selling them legally. You just need to look for the things mentioned below.
  • Make sure that they are having all the national lottery games on their site or the majority of them
  • The company is going to have a logo like very sign which will give you the assurance of authenticity
  • Make sure that they are taking full measures for your safety which is easily noticeable
  • The payments methods should be secured while you will be paying with your credit cards
  • Look for pay pall payment method which is a sign that you will not become a victim of any scam.

These are the common things you would notice for any other online shopping experience, similar is the case with national lottery tickets for purchasing online. Rest is assured that you will get a genuine NL ticket when you buy it online.

National Lottery & Good Cause

The best part of the national lotteries is that it is established to raise money for the good cause. The UK national lottery is an establishment that has exhibited the dedication to contribute to the good cause. It is one of the most generous systems in the entire world that contributes big and too different charities.  The UK National lottery stress upon raising and distributing money for good cause. The organization distributes funds via thirteen different groups which are associated with diverse sectors. Groups are
  • British Film Institute
  • The Arts Council
  • Olympic Lottery Distributor
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • UK Sport

These are the groups which are allocated to distribute a certain amount to the local charities each year.  The organization raises billions of dollars and is distributed to different projects. The most iconic projects to receive the funding through the national lottery are the Kings Speech which is a British historical drama. It received one million pounds from the organization. A significant amount is raised every year and donated to serve different good causes. The national lottery is even planning to donate more.
Next time if you think playing the lottery is bad, then do not withdraw your reward and it is going to be donated to the different charities.

Tips to increase your National Lottery winning chances

Last but not the least here are few tips that will help you in increasing your chances of winning the national lottery.
1.      Choose the numbers that come up more often. Forget about the B'day dates, anniversary or any other important numbers and use the logic. The national lottery started in the year 1994 and it has been drawn 253 times  so  you need to choose numbers that were common winning numbers like
  • 38- 251 times
  • 33-245 times
  • 23-248 times
  • 40-249 times

2.     Avoid using family numbers as the majority will do the same and there are many people with similar birthday dates. Sticking to these dates w will limit your range and if you win you will also have to share the prize.
3.   You can pick the overdue numbers, which means numbers that have not come up in a while.  For ideas, you can go for 48, 46, and 23 or do your homework.
4.    Use your instincts as your gut feeling is true the majority of the times. If you get the lucky feeling with certain numbers you must use them.