Lottery Scam, It's Working Method & Awareness Tips

Do you wish to become an instant millionaire???

If yes, then there is no other way than winning a lottery.  You don’t have to do any hard work, spend too much time and go here and there; lotto games give us easy money. However, it is not easy, and winning a lottery is totally upon your luck or on the best strategy that only professional lottery players can craft.  If you learn step by step about the guidelines that how the lottery works, then you might be able to build a strategy for yourself, and also you must be aware of the scams and other frauds related to lotto games. There are two sides to the coin, and when we talk about lotto games, the scenario is the same. One side is you might win a jackpot, and on the other hand, you might be scammed. To avoid all the pitfalls, we will discuss the scams and awareness tips further, but before that, you must understand how the lottery works? 

Lotto in a Nutshell 

If you are a UK resident, you can play national lottery games online and get a chance to win millions of dollars with jackpots. Not only have this person who can match even two lotto numbers won some amount of cash. To win the prize, you will have to play the game and carefully select numbers that can help you succeed. National lotteries are being played online, and different countries have a different set of rules, so you must look at the website of your national lottery to acknowledge the government and get aware of the other imperative things that will help you win a lottery. 
Commonly there are 6 numbers which you have to choose from 1-49 balls and if you are successful in matching all the six figures with the machine, congratulations you are a winner, but this is not easy. Until you have a bit of tough luck backing you up, you must know about the odds of winning, and all the websites have that information, there are tips available and much more. To win a significant amount, you will have to research how it works thoroughly, what is the history of winning numbers, find out patterns, and much more to be done. You can buy your lottery tickets online from the national lottery website in your country. If you wish, you can also register with an account to check the winnings, winning numbers, claiming prizes, looking for live results, etc.

Lottery Scam, It's Working Method & Awareness Tips

Lottery Scams & How It Works?

When we talk about lotto, it is probably that the players get scammed, so if you are looking at the bright side, then you must also look at the dark side. Lotto scams are common, and anyone can become its victim. However, to prevent it, you must read this carefully.  Scammers often send emails to random people notifying them about the winning lottery prizes, and to tempt you, the amount is going to be impressive. The contact can also come via text message, telephonic call, social media, etc. to tempt you. They are going to announce impressive rewards like a tropical vacation to any item like smartphones or a significant amount of money. They will also ask for a fee to claim your prize.  Fraudsters will take this fee, saying it is a bank fee, tax, insurance cost, and delivery charges. The scammers collect this money continuously, and this is why they keep stalling your winnings.
When they contact you, they will ask you to pay the money instantly, or they will convince you that you will lose your reward. They might also ask you to keep your winnings secret, and private for the sake of security or other people might get your prize. Keep this in mind that fraudsters are very sharp, and they know all the tactics to convince you, so it is better to take precautions then get fooled by them. They will make all the measures to keep this conversation secret so that you do not inquire about all this further.
Lottery frauds also use names of legitimate and big lotteries that are often overseas the Spanish lotto so that if you are going to do any research, you will not get to know about the scams. 

What Might Scammers Ask You?

Scammers are going to ask you about your data to prove you are the right winner of the lottery and so that you provide them with the bank details where the amount of winning the lotto can be transferred.  Then lotto scammers are going to use your features to scam you or to use your identity for any illegal activity.  In some cases, it has also been observed that some scammers send cheque like any random amount on behalf of your winnings to trick you. Many people get impressed with this pitfall and get tricked by scammers. The majority of the time, this cheque is going to bounce, and you will never receive any payment. Till then, scammers will collect the fee they asked you initially and will never deliver your rewards. 

New Tricks by Scammers 

There is a new version scammer have opted as a scam, and that is to involve social media accounts of people you might know claiming that they all have won a lotto prize. Then they are going to provide you with the email mentioning instructions on how you can claim your rewards. This is an insidious version of fraud, and this scam is conducted based on trust among the group, which is family or people you know, resulting in the success of scamming you. 

What Are The Warning Signs Of Lotto Scams?

• You are going to receive emails, phone calls, text messages saying that you have won a lotto ticket and are going to give you a guarantee. This message can also come from a social media account of a person you know very well. The sender is going to claim that you are a lotto winner and might use words like legitimate, government approval, or others.
• This unexpected message might be associated with the big names which usually do not run any such competitions or lotto games.
• They are going to ask you for a fee after which only they will send you the prize. It can be in the name of buy a ticket,  tax or delivery fee
• You are being asked about your confidential details like your address, bank card details, your address, PO Box, etc.

Lotto Scam Awareness Tips

Crooks are very smart, and you must never underestimate them as they are up to something new all the time.  There are millions of people who have become a victim and lost a part of their hard-earned money. You can be next, so make sure that you read these awareness tips carefully and make others aware, too, especially the ones who are mad over lotto games.  

Tip One: - Spotting Scammers

Scammer’s first sign is the art of being legitimate to gain your trust like they will pretend to be knowing your family, running a charity, or are government officials or business and company with big names.  They are always going to ask you about your details like your bank card details. You must find this fishy as no lotto company, charity, or bank official will never ask you about your information.  

Tip 2:- Ignore Your Caller ID

We all know we are living in a world of fast-paced technology, and it is straightforward for scammers to fake their numbers, which means the number/name you see on your caller ID might not be real.  So hang up the call if someone asks you about your details. If you think the voice on the other side is right, you can always call back and find out the truth.

Tip 3:- Perform Online Research 

Before the scammers ask you about your details, why not to cross-check them and ask them from where they are calling, for which company they are working and get the details. Now open your search engine and look for reviews, scams, and complaints. You can also search for the numbers from which they are calling you. 

Tip 4:- Never Pay A Penny 

Fraudsters are always going to ask you to pay any amount in advance as a fee, courier charges, or any other excuse they will use. If you pay them, you will never find them again.  So make sure that everything is alright and you are not being scammed.

Tip 5:- Do Not Get Tempted By Free Trials

Free trials are the most common methods of scammers because every human in this world loves freebies and often get scammed. Before you agree for any free trial, you must research the company. 
Always keep yourself protected and never ignore the warning signs. Just keep in mind no legitimate company, lotto runners, and others ask you to pay a fee to claim your prize.  Be safe, and enjoy playing lotto games.