Lotto HotPicks Result for March 21, 2020

Get here the latest result updates of the UK Lotto HotPicks draw. Lotto HotPicks Winning numbers are same set of numbers which are drawn in the main Lotto game. There is little difference between lotto and lotto HotPicks is that, you will have the choice of how many numbers you want to predict for draw.
We update the lotto HotPicks result on every Wednesday and Saturday within minutes after official announcement
Lotto HotPicks Result

Lotto HotPicks Result for March 21, 2020

12   26   29   34   56   58

How to play Lotto HotPicks???

Lotto HotPicks have choice of how many numbers you want to predict for the draw. You will have choice of Pick 1 to Pick 5. But how many numbers you choose to predict those must be match with the numbers drawn from the pool. More number you predict and match with drawing more amount you win.

Prizes of Lotto HotPicks

You will have five different prize tires for matching one to five numbers and prizes for ranging £6 to £350,000.
Check table below to get details of various prize tires, their prizes and odds of winning it.
 How to Win
Odds of Winning
Pick 5
Match 5
1 in 834,398
Pick 4
Match 4
1 in 30,342
Pick 3
Match 3
1 in 1,626
Pick 2
Match 2
1 in 115
Pick 1
Match 1
1 in 10

Claiming the Prize

You have 180 days of time period from the draw to claim the winning amount. Any amount that are not claimed by winners within 180 days that will be donate to the National Lottery Good Cause Fund.