Thunderball Result for August 18, 2020

Thunderball draw held for the guaranteed jackpot worth of £500,000 and it takes place for four days a week which are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Here you can find the latest Thunderball result.
Thunderball result

Thunderball Result for August 18, 2020

Main Numbers
04   09   18   19   29

Result for the Draw will be update after official winning numbers announcement.
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Playing Thunderball

Thunderball ticket costs you just for £1 per line. Players has to select five main numbers between 1 to 39 and on number as a thunderball between 1 to 14. This game has the excellent overall odd of winning any prize which is 1 in 13.
You can play the game either from the retail store or online. If you are playing online you will have a option to be part of an online lottery syndicate, which increase your odd of winning numbers. If you are part of the syndicate, then the prize money will be distributed between the players in the syndicate.

Thunderball Prizes

Thunderball offers minimum prize of £3 for matching Thunderball and goes up with the combination of the main balls and the Thunderball until you make the match of the 5 main balls and the thunderball which is the jackpot winning combination for the prize worth £500,000. You will have nine different prize tires in the thunderball.
Table below shows details of all nine prize tires and their odds of winning
Powerball Match 
Winning Chances
5 Numbers + TB
1 in 8,060,598
5 Numbers
1 in 620,046
4 Numbers + TB
1 in 47,416
4 Numbers
1 in 3,648
3 Numbers + TB
1 in 1,437
3 Numbers
1 in 111
2 Numbers + TB
1 in 135
1 Numbers + TB
1 in 35
Thunderball Only
1 in 29

Even through the Thunderball Jackpot prize is fix, If the winning amount will be four times more than the ticket sell, then the Prize Capping is used. In such cases some calculations are made to decide which prize tire requires need to capped to keep overall prize below threshold.