Set for Life Lottery Results for June 17, 2021

Set for life lottery is the unique lottery game from the National Lottery which offers jackpot prize of £10,000 per month for the 30 years of time spam.
Set for life draw takes place on every Monday and Thursday and we show the winning numbers on our blog within minutes after draw. Check out the Set for Life lotto result below.
Set for Life Lottery Results

Checkout Set for Life Lottery Results for June 17, 2021

Winning Numbers
Life Ball
07   20   27   28   29

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As this game has a unique in features compared to the lotteries available on National lotteries. Even through it is unique, the top prize never roll over for Set for Life lotto as like some other lotto such as Thunderball and HotPicks, this is the reason that the jackpot amount is fixed in any circumstances. On an average 54% of total lottery sales are paid as the prize payout but the amount is completely depending on the number of winners in the draw. This game has 12.4 overall odds of winning any prize and we think this is amazing.
You can play the game either online or from the retail stores but it is not available to play by direct debit.

Set for life Lottery Prizes:

Set for life offers the eight different prize tires which are varies from minimum of £5 to the Maximum of £10,000 per month for the 30 years of time spam. The details of prizes and the odds of their winning are shown in the table below. Overall odd for winning any prize for Set for Life lotto is 1 in 12.4

Matched Numbers
Winning Prize
Odds of Winning
Match 5 + Life Ball
£10,000 per month for 30 years*
1 in 15,339,390
Match 5
£10,000 per month for 1 year*
1 in 1,704,377
Match 4 + Life Ball
1 in 73,045
Match 4
1 in 8,116
Match 3 + Life Ball
1 in 1,782
Match 3
1 in 198
Match 2 + Life Ball
1 in 134
Match 2
1 in 15