Euromillions Results for July 02, 2021

Euromillions is most widely played lottery game in the Europe as it is played in nine European Participant Countries. It was launched in 2004. Draw for Euromillions Lottery takes place on every Tuesday and Friday evenings and it offers minimum jackpot of €17 million and it is rolls over as high as €200 million as if there is no jackpot winner in the draw.

You will get Euromillions result updates here on each Tuesday and Friday after draw takes place. Find out Euromillions winning numbers with Millionaire Maker code here. 
Euromillions Results

Checkout Euromillions Results for July 02, 2021

Main Number
 Lucky Stars
Millionaire Maker Code
09   14   29   38   49
07   10
---- 00000

Result for the Draw will be update after official winning numbers announcement.

Millionaire Maker Raffle Codes

Codes must be matched in the exact order to win the £1 Million prize.

HWJJ 90580        HXJW 20318 

HXKD 91341        JWJG 52544 

JXJR 64142        JXKC 44946 

MWJG 13652        MWJN 06638 

MXJR 10738        MXKB 00924 

MXKB 55829        TWJD 53925 

TWJF 85078        TXJV 25096 

VXJP 82520        VXJP 96861 

XXJX 05479        ZXJR 71182 

ZXJS 06386        ZXJZ 69776

UK Millionaire Maker Code:

For the Euromillions plyers from UK, Millionaire Maker is the supplementary game. You will receive randomly generated code with your numbers when you purchase the Euromillions ticket, no need to pay extra for the Millionaire Maker Code. What you all need to do is, just match your Millionaire maker code with winning code which is selected alongside the Euromillions Main Draw, if your code matches with the winning once you will win £1 million.

Period to claim EuroMillions Prizes

After winning the Euromillion game main question you will have been, “How to claim the winning prize??”
Before knowing its process, you need to understand that Euromillions lottery is playing in the most of countries in the Europe. This is the reason that price claiming process is different with the country. Some points that you must note that
- Prize can only be claimed in the country in which the winning ticket was originally purchased
- Prize claim period is the different for the participating nations, this must be known to you.

Period to claim EuroMillions Prize